Principles and values

About us

Frame is an experience design system for pre-accounting and accounting software. It is a design system where we set standards to ensure a seamless experience for Mikrogrup-branded products and to make our users’ financial solutions more efficient.

Who do we serve?

Frame was created to address the needs of Mikrogrup products. Frame is primarily for designers and developers working on accounting and financial products. However, our design system targets two main audiences:

Internal: To provide Mikrogrup designers and developers with a system that supports effective and high-quality product development.

External: To create a core system that delivers the best experience for our product users.


What is our domain spectrum?

Our product portfolio offers a variety of end-to-end solutions to simplify the financial processes of enterprises and SMEs. Frame is designed to meet the needs of users advancing a company’s financial processes.

The scope of products varies based on the size of the company’s types. Traditional accounting methods inform our approach to product design, which changes according to the target operational scale.


What do we bring to the table?

Frame provides an experience system for our cloud-based products (web, mobile). We cater to all the necessary disciplines for utilizing this system.

Design: Foundation, components, patterns. All these are available on Figma

Development: HTML, CSS, SCSS, web components (lit), design tokens.

Documentation: A source of truth for designs; how to use and build with design elements and interactions.




We believe that a stable product experience creates great value. We build our designs and code infrastructure on a systems-thinking mindset to always ensure stability and reliability.


Being efficient allows us to deliver results faster, thereby providing greater benefits to users. Our token system and the web components can help all teams within the company meet various needs.


Systems have specific rules, but we are not bound to them strictly. FDS demonstrates how design elements should be used but is also adaptable for different cases.


Unify the design output

Each design output should be adaptable for any need. This enhances design and experience quality, increasing user engagement with our products.

Frame the shared needs

Some design patterns are reusable across products. By closely framing common business needs and evolving the system accordingly, we aim to minimize redundant efforts for designers and developers. A well-curated pattern library enhances consistency in the system architecture.

Evolve continuously

Our design system operates like a product. We ideate, build, and continuously evolve Frame based on user feedback, improving efficiency and product development velocity.

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