The design system is for us, created by system-thinkers for product crafters, to build beautiful and cohesive user experiences.

Frame Design System is here to help you build this ecosystem, not to restrict your design but to ensure stability.

How to work with FDS

📖 Follow the principle design components and foundation elements provided in the documentation.

🎨 Check out the Frame Design System component (or pattern) library in Figma.

🔎 Make sure your project/product is compatible with the Frame Design System. Learn the criteria from here.

❔For any queries, use the #frame-design-system Slack channel. Any questions are welcome; the team is here to help you. If you are outside of Mikrogrup, please open an issue on GitHub, and we’ll take a look.

🌀 Use the UI elements in your mock-ups/concept designs. Refer to the FDS team when you need a component.

🗺️ It would be best to explore the feasibility of concepts and ideas with the FDS team during workshop hours or through direct 1:1s.

🖼️ Involve the project/product’s engineer (or BA, if needed) for collaboration to frame a seamless handoff and to learn about the design system.

💎 Stay updated with both the documentation and Figma libraries. Also, do not forget to request a Supernova account so you can track the system’s latest updates (Mikrogrup employees only).